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What are the best nail wraps?

Nail wraps are decals that you can stick on your fingernails. Nail painting is an art, and just like any art, it takes enormous patience and skills. It is handy for those who do not have the time and patience or good artistry skills for designing nail paint. Some people have the hands for designing these beautiful arts on their fingernails but most of us do not have that skill, and that is where these nail stickers come to the rescue. The question of the best nail wraps will vary from person to person as everyone has their sense of aesthetics. If you are having trouble finding out the best nail wrap that can go with your style, check out Nayls and their collection of good nail polish wraps. Nevertheless, here is our list of best nail wraps.


These nature patterns with blue, light yellow, and white color combinations are the perfect choice for the New Year. The mix of winter and spring will rock your style. Peel them off, apply them on your clean nails and have yourself a perfect manicure.

Ong Lai!

Another set of fun nail wraps with a similar color combination of yellow, white, and turquoise. This nail wraps brim with pineapple fun. Flaunt them off and grab eyes.

Eternal Sunshine

Just like the name, let your nails glow and impress eternally with these nature-inspired nail wrap, indulge yourself in light shades of pink and blue. Added floral patterns on top of the abovementioned colors elevate the overall look of the nails.

Sunday Blooms

Take a beach break and rock another set of nature-inspired nail decals. Give flowery blooms to your fingernails and wear these calm shade of blue against the backdrop of the vast sea, they will certainly match the occasion.

Mystique Fleur

Indulge yourself in the glittery shades of Mystique Fleur and add a tinge of mystery to your personality. These floral patterns shaded in glitter are perfect for weekend parties. Apply Gloss Gel coating over these nail wraps and bask in the glory of dark and glitter.

White Peonies Overlay

The overlay decals have unlimited creative options. The overlays have a transparent background. Therefore, any background will match these white colored peonies. Turquoise, magenta, or cyan; go for any of the colors, it will not disappoint.

If you want to know more about nail wraps and surf more nail wrap designs, you should check out these good collections of nail polish wraps.