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Ties, Sharpening Men to Gentlemen for Centuries

A necktie is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Ties upgrade nearly any collared shirt to formal attire and are an everyday need for a wide range of professions. Ties and fashion are much more than the price tag and the pattern. Ties may seem like a simple accessory, but one should not waste money on a poor-quality tie. Instead, you should find something that brings style and class to the forefront and fits your wallet.

Choose your Right Fit

So how do you choose a quality necktie? Firstly, choose the right material. Top-notch ties are typically one hundred percent silk, though the chances are that a tie made from some other material is necessary for some situations. Low-quality ties tend to be products of thin or inexpensive materials that fall apart quite easily — never sacrifice quality on a necktie you want to wear to office or make a long-term accessory of your wardrobe. And while the price tag doesn’t always measure quality, you can typically expect that cheap ties won’t hold up well. The better-quality ties tend to fall in the high range, but you mustn’t feel obligated to spend more money on something beautiful. If the necktie isn’t affordable, you’re probably buying for the brand name more than anything else, and there is no need to squander hard-earned money on an ordinary-looking necktie just because it comes from a top designer’s stable.

The fun part of tie-shopping is selecting the right style. Well, read on and check out exactly how a tie should be worn and why wearing it right is the simplest way to up your fashion quotient.

The Art of Wearing

Just like your socks, your tie is one accessory with which you can play around and express your persona while sticking to that official dress code.

  • The width and length of ties is the fussiest part of tie-wearing. A broader person should choose a slightly wider tie whereas a slim tie suits a skinny person. The length of a tie should hit the waistband of a trouser.
  • Factors like suits, shirt color, and skin tone play a role in the color of the tie you should wear. Generally, the thumb rule of ties and fashion is that deep sober colors like burgundy and blues go well with any attire.

Choose the right necktie to look sharper.