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How to choose wallpaper in a room of two colors?

The decoration of walls of any room is a very important element of interior design. Nowadays, in the arsenal of professional artisans, there are many ways to finish the walls: painting, decorative plaster, decoration of walls under concrete, 3D panels, wood cladding, ceramic tiles and, of course, wallpaper. We can mix different colors and patterns, combining them with decorative paint, plaster, as well as applying many other original solutions. How to choose a wallpaper in a room of two colors so that it looks harmonious and not trivial?

Simpler idea

Before the wallpaper, the task is not only to decorate the walls, but also to create the entire interior, giving it a certain style. There are many different options for its use. When choosing the type of decoration, a wide variety of options is opened: you can paste a wallpaper with the whole wall or just a fragment, combining it with another decoration or creating contrasts between them.

Wallpaper for the decoration of the room of two colors and more.

By creating a wall design with two colors of wallpaper, we can get a very interesting arrangement of the rooms. When using several types of this finishing material at the same time, it is extremely important to choose your colors correctly:

The best result will be published when the wall is decorated with a different wallpaper, which harmonizes perfectly according to the pattern and color. However, do not forget that harmoniously combining two patterns is not so simple. Therefore, if you want to end with a pattern, it is convenient to combine them with a surface of a single color. With my best wallpaperthe options get perfectly.

Now it is very fashionable to combine different wallpapers on the same wall. You can arrange entire walls in stripes or squares with different motifs. But here it must be remembered that with this type of room decoration the discipline is important, otherwise, it will become a chaos.

Recently, in the design of the walls, the patchwork style is gaining popularity. It allows you to combine many different patterns with each other, but in this case it is not convenient to combine more than two colors.

You can combine different patterns, cells, patterns, points, flowers or stripes together. But it is necessary to assign any consecutive element inside, which will be repeated in them, as well as in some interior elements. For example, it can be color.

The simplest way to do this task is to choose a ready-to-use collection, in which the manufacturer offers screen backgrounds and designs already selected and combined correctly to combine them in the same room.